APPgrade designs and develops web applications that facilitate data management and proccesing.
Corporate platforms for management and organization
surverys - polls
Data entry and data processing systems
Οn-line functions & interactivity with voice recognition
Website & e-shop design
Rich graphical representations, statistical maps and infographics
Connection and functionality with pre-existing ERPS
Educational desktop and mobile games

On-line web applications make it easy and simple to access, edit and manage large volumes of data through functional and easy-to-use interfaces. They may be used for systematic monitoring and progress of corporate and financial planning as well as as marketing and sales development & tracking tools.

They are perfectly customizable and always designed according to the specific needs of each customer. They apply in various market sectors such as industry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, shipping-maritime, logistics, advertising, retail, education, cultural centers etc.

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Tailor-made web solutions for your company

Web and mobile platforms for data entry and process with rich visualization tools.

Advanced website design, integrated e-commerce solutions.

Application design, building and development.

Interactive educational games.

We develop projects that cover a majority of business sectors. (Corporations, tourist industry, logistics, maritime, finance, telecommunications, health, transportation, non-profit organizations, etc.)

We treat each project individually, trying to understand your actual needs and expectations. With a wide range of web services and efficient teams we can deliver ergonomic and creative web solutions.

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For each case, we can configure online systems and management tools to more efficiently organize your company's resources. We present some indicative ways to use online web applications. Contact us to examine your needs together and design your own app.
Efficient management | Time Saving
Directly search for partners, employees, and executives of your company from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Sort by the various professional characteristics, communicate instantly, send messages, and evaluate sales and progress. Get a snapshot of each executive of your company through statistical charts and reward employees with bonus. Create business goals and watch their progress.
Working groups
Create working groups of employers and employees. Efficiently spread and share information, schedule tasks and meetings, set goals and reward plans.
Efficiently arrange working force and personel data
Group and classify personnel according to skills (experience, certifications, particular foreign languages). Find employees that are skilled in specific areas.

Encourage employee training with modern methods.
We create on-line tests quizes and tutorials!

Online educational quiz

Education never stops. Create an online test for employees so that you can evaluate them and check on their knowledge on working procedures and more.

Search or create your own statistics based on performances.

Online voting systems

Electronic user friendly voting systems. Quick, reliable with rich visual impact.

Motivate your employees and reward them for their efforts.

OnLine Education

On-line education applications enriched with audiovisual material (sounds video and voice interaction systems).



Save money and precious time for your company,
making graphic design work easier and more automated than ever.

Template design, grahics and clipart images in pdf form

A valuable tool for retail outlets. Create forms with product features and photos through existing erps in an automated way. You do not need to deploy graphic designers or personel for content management.

  • Drag and drop applications for easier implementation
  • Versatile back end programming
  • Access to PDF documents and prints through multiple searches
  • Save money and precious time for your company, making graphic design work easier and more automated than ever. Create labels with technical characteristics and photos directly through your erp with one click.

    Labels are automatically produced in pdf printable format at dimensions and proportions according to your retail needs. Retrieve and access information witrh product thumbnails preview. Add, change data and synchronize with existing systems.



    Create your own social media platforms to enable better relations for employees in the company.

    Messenger for instant messaging on labor issues and more. Upload photos, video or any other files with shareability. Create online training games for the employees that offer a fun and educational experience.

    Web Applications
    Shipping - Maritime

    Fleet management, brief presentations and financial reports, direct network access to ship documents, survey & certificate notificators.

    Shipping companies, ship management companies, catering, agents etc

    Medical Applications

    Registration applications, treatment and clinical research data analysis adjusted to your particular needs. Graphs featuring progress and development data comparison along with graphic visualization.

    Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, medical centers, research institutes.

    Client Management

    Order, customer and product management systems by various users. Process and display of multiple statistics and data with rich graphics. Dynamic search data with AJAX programming (Asychronous Javascript and XML) for easy and flexible access.

    Retail markets, crafting facilities, industrial facilities, commercial companies, personal businesses, freelancers.

    Voting Platforms

    Voting and poll applications with multiple data process and presentation capabilities, as well exportation of statistical conclusions. Evaluation and reward systems.

    Companies wanting to make assessments about their services and commerce.


    Advanced mobile Networking:

    Applications virtually connecting executives and personnel through a user friendly mobile interface. Set personal goals, employee objectives and sales monitoring.

    Various companies with a large number of human resources.

    Interactive Games

    Educational applications and interactive mobile games.

    Museums, educational institutions, cultural sites, advertising agencies.

    Web Applications

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    If you are not familiar with sofware and mobile applications or just thinking of a way to develop and enhance managment and marketing strategies of your corporation we can guide you, propose solutions and design together your tailor-made web application and data solution.

    Send us your short brief here and we will reply free with our structural proposals and interface layouts.